Premier Guitar Virgo Rock Overdrive Review

The Virgo Rock Overdrive

Looking for that thick, saturated guitar tone reminiscent of '60s and '70s classic rock guitarists, thought only possible through a cranked stack? Well search no more. This little lady was born to scream!

Virgo is extremely tone transparent, highly touch sensitive and one of the best overdrives you will ever play.

The Virgo Rock Overdrive is based on a dual opamp circuit with hard clipping. It produces a heavy, tight, in your face, saturated tone. The gain derived from this pedal can vary from a clean boost to all out near distortion, sustaining, crunchy tones with a plethora of versatility. Built like a tank using the best components available, including an aluminum powder coated enclosure, CTS pots and Neutrik jacks. Totally hand built, this pedal will keep you rocking for many years to come.

The Virgo is a true bypass pedal and uses no buffers or inline tone circuits in its design. It features two paralleled TL082 opamp amplifiers to achieve its gain. The Virgo does not take over your tone but enhances it transparently. With the gain set one to one of your guitar signal, you will notice a fuller, clearer tone. With all the controls set to 10, crunchy, edgy and harmonically rich notes bounce of the fingerboard. Rolling back the EDGE control will smooth out the tone to your exact preference.

There is very little noise filtering in the circuit which allows your guitar's entire signal to come through. The Virgo is extremely touch sensitive and responds beautifully to every nuance of your guitar playing. The Virgo also cleans up nicely when you roll back the volume on your guitar.

The Virgo also features a clipping diode selector switch for immense versatility. Set to the left, symmetrical silicon diodes are placed in circuit which gives a nice smooth compressed tone with slightly less volume. Set the switch to the right for an asymmetrical MOSFET and germanium diode mix which produces a very nice crunchy tone. Place the switch in the middle to remove all diodes and let all the tone come through unclipped for a larger, more open and vocal tone.

NOTE: Try it with 12 or 18 VDC power for more headroom!

Celestial Effects recommends the use of a HIGH QUALITY 9 VDC regulated power adapter with the Virgo Rock Overdrive pedal like the Carl Martin Powerjack 9VDC power supply or similar. This power supply is capable of providing 1000 mA of power and is noise free. The more the capacity of the power supply, the less chance of noise and hum due to a power supply being pushed to its current capability limits.

All Celestial Effects pedals are hand built and individually hand tested in Hudson, MA by a company that cares about quality, durability and value. We back all our products with our 30 DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
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Virgo User Manual View and download the Virgo User Manual

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Pedalboard Pictures with Virgo

Giordano Da Silva's Pedalboard Gino Caira's Pedalboard Shawn Maginness' Pedalboard Anthony Santoros's Pedalboard Desiree Bassett's Pedalboard Shawn Maginness' Pedalboard Kyle Palmer's Pedalboard Mike Vance's Pedalboard Richie Smith's Pedalboard Art Tryon's Pedalboard Jimi Dreamwalker's Pedalboard

Video Demos

Virgo Rock Overdrive by Celestial Effects

Virgo Rock Overdrive Demo
Produced by:
Red13 Media

Virgo Jet City Music

Jet City Music
Gear used in demo:
1974 Princeton Reverb
Fender Telecaster
Fender Stratocaster
Gibson SG

Virgo Pedal of the Day

Pedal of the Day
Gear used in demo:
Messa Boogie 5:25
Peavey Classic 20MH

Virgo Martin Moyano

Martin Moyano
Gear used in demo:
Line 6 Spider Valve MKII
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
DiMarzio PAFs 36th anniversary
Sure Sm57


Gear used in demo:
Marshall JMC Series
Gibson SG
with Humbuckers


Gear Up
Gear used in demo:
Mesa Boogie
Fender Stratocaster
Gibson SG

Mark Farner Taurus

Mark Farner
Inside Looking Out
Wildwood Springs 9/29/2012
Virgo into Taurus of Librarian

Always Watching by Shawn

Shawn Maginness
Always Watching
Original Composition
Scorpio Super Boost!
Virgo Rock Overdrive"


Gino Caira
Gear used in demo:
Trainwreck Express Clone
Bruno Underground 30
Gibson Les Paul R8


Gino Caira
Gear used in demo:
Trainwreck Express Clone
Bruno Underground 30
1963 Fender Stratocaster


Virgo Guitar World

Guitar World
November 2012

Virgo Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar
The Pedal Issue
November 2011

Gio da Silva

Giordano da Silva
The Blackout Vipers
Houston, TX


• True bypass switching via high grade 3PDT footswitch
• High grade Panasonic ECQ series capacitors
• CTS high grade potentiometers
• Neutrik input and output jacks
• C&K clipping diode selector switch
• Wide 2oz. copper PC board circuit etch-lines in the signal path
• PC Board ground plane for superior stray noise reduction
• Battery or +9vdc to +18vdc power jack (Boss type - center negative)
• Controls are Volume, Tone, Edge and Gain
• 3 Position switch for different diode clipping options
• Clipping options include:
• Left: Symmetrical silicon diodes
• Right: Asymmetrical MOSFET and Germanium diode mix
• Middle: No Clipping diodes
• Ultra-bright blue indicator LED
• Extremely tone transparent, organic and touch sensitive
• Input impedance: 500K Ohms
• Output impedance: 10K Ohms
• Current draw: Approximately 30 mA at full ON
• Max gain: Approximately 15.5 dB of gain
• Dimm: 4.85"d x 3.88"w x 1.98"h (including switches and knobs)
• Weight: 12.1 oz. (Not including battery)


"I use a volume pedal in front of my Celestial Effects Overdrives and Distortions ... What a winning combo....! nice n clean at low volumes... a little more accelerator and you gotcher crunch... and variable stages of "forcefield distortion from there to the kitchen!" They are low noise compared to anything else I've ever tried and are the fucking WHIP! You're a bad-ass brother Dom and I just wanted U to know! American ingenuity! Yea they'll be ROCKN' UR ASS!!!"
"Mark Farner - American Rock Legend"

"The Virgo has a very sensual ability, when dialed in, with such distinction and touch... it's a sexy fucker. :)"
"Mark Farner - American Rock Legend"

"Celestial Effects has not stumbled blindly into the pedal business. It's clear that the Virgo's designers have carefully analyzed what it takes to make a great classic rock tone and then they've given you a little more width to work with. The pedal is beautifully quiet, which is fortuitous, considering how well it works as a boost. If you have a big amplifier and a humbucker-equipped axe, you'll likely come to believe the Virgo is your sign because it's a sure ticket to sweetly sustaining heaven a la Cream-era Clapton. "
"Steve Ouimette - Premier Guitar Magazine"

"I'm telling you the Virgo Rock Overdrive is my favorite od EVER! I've compared it to every od out there. I'm being completely honest, it amazes me more and more every time I PLAY IT. The richness in the harmonics I can't get out of any other pedal."
"Ryan Kelly - Ryan Brooks Kelly"

"The Virgo Rock Overdrive is THE BEST overdrive pedal I have ever used! 'Nuff said!"
"Gino Caira - GC Sinner"

"My Virgo Overdrive ain't going anywhere! It has replaced my Full Drive which has always been the "ONE" in my rig!"
"Matt Sullivan - Brownboot"

"I really love the Virgo Rock Overdrive, it is my favorite pedal hands down!"
"Chris Fitz - The Chris Fitz Band"

"I LOVE the Virgo! Great overdrive tone!"
"Chris Reddy - Solo Artist"

"The Virgo Rock Overdrive, Led Zeppelin tone in a little blue box!"
"Paul Murray - GC Sinner"

"The Virgo Rock Overdrive never leaves my board and is almost always ON. It has booted my OCD off my pedalboard! "
"Ryan Kelly - Ryan Brooks Kelly"

"Get ready to make more room on your pedal board. The Celestial Effects Virgo Rock Overdrive delivers incredibly juicy and
luscious tones that are impossible to resist once you experience them, especially if you love beefy bottom end, fat midrange,
shimmering, harmonically complex highs and touchresponsive dynamics. The Virgo serves up loads of crunch and bite, but its tones
can also be as sweet as Miranda Kerr dipped in chocolate and honey."
"Chris Gill - Guitar World"

"Ok so 5 hours and 4 guitars later... the OCD "used" to be my favorite pedal lol. Not sure yet which of these I like the most. The Virgo is awesome! Full and rich... and the growl and bite is incredible. The Aquarius, hmmm.... sweet and fuzzy, smooth and creamy, and all at the same time. Awesome pedals! In comparison with the Fulltone OCD the Virgo to me seems to be a deeper richer tone over all. Better low end on it too, not distorted or muddy. Not sure if the OCD will stay on the board. Still playing with all the knobs! And I really like the OCD. The Virgo just has a different personality... and I really like it a lot!"
"Art Tryon"


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