The Taurus Blues Overdrive

From slight, middy OD break up to full out tube thunder, the Taurus Blues Overdrive delivers it in spades. Taurus is very organic and has a string definition like no other overdrive pedal you have ever tried. Versatile and soulful, the Taurus morphs with different amp and guitar combinations.

The Taurus Blues Overdrive delivers a new, very versatile spin on an old trusted overdrive circuit. It has the ability to deliver a creamy yet clean rhythm boost to near distortion, sustaining & crunchy tones with a plethora of versatility. Built like a tank using the best components available, including an all metal powder coated enclosure, CTS pots and Neutrik jacks.

Totally hand built, this pedal will keep you rocking for many years to come.

The Taurus is a true bypass pedal and uses no buffers or inline tone circuits in its design. It features a paralleled NJM4558DX opamp to achieve its gain. The Taurus does not take over your tone but enhances it transparently. With the gain set one to one of your guitar signal, you will notice a fuller, clearer tone. With all the controls set to 10, a crunchy, edgy, harmonically rich tone is produced. Rolling back the EDGE control will smooth out the tone to your exact preference.

There is very little noise filtering in the circuit which allows your guitar's entire signal to come through. The Taurus is extremely touch sensitive and responds beautifully to every nuance of your guitar playing. The Taurus also cleans up nicely when you roll back the volume on your guitar.

The Taurus features a clipping diode selector switch for immense versatility. Set to the left, symmetrical silicon diodes are placed in circuit which gives a nice smooth compressed tone with slightly less volume. Set the switch to the right for an asymmetrical MOSFET feature which produces a very nice crunchy tone. Place the switch in the middle to remove all diodes and let all the tone come through unclipped for a larger, more open and vocal tone.

NOTE: Try it with 12 or 18 VDC power for more headroom!

Celestial Effects recommends the use of a HIGH QUALITY 9 VDC regulated power adapter with the Taurus Blues Overdrive pedal like the Carl Martin Powerjack 9VDC power supply or similar. This power supply is capable of providing 1000 mA of power and is noise free. The more the capacity of the power supply, the less chance of noise and hum due to a power supply being pushed to its current capability limits.

All Celestial Effects pedals are hand built and individually hand tested in Hudson, MA by a company that cares about quality, durability and value. We back all our products with our 30 DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
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Taurus Blues Overdrive Taurus Blues Overdrive Virgo and Taurus Taurus and Scorpio The current Celestial Effects Line of pedals Mo Shaw's Rig Quite a setup!

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Video Demos

Taurus Blues Overdrive by Celestial Effects

Taurus Blues Overdrive Demo
Produced by:
Red13 Media

Taurus Martin Moyano

Martin Moyano
Gear used in demo:
Line 6 Spider Valve MKII
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
DiMarzio PAFs 36th anniversary
Sure Sm57


Gear used in demo:
Dr. Z Maz 18
Gibson SG
with Humbuckers


Pedal of the Day
Gear used in demo:
Fender Blues Jr
Peavey Classic 20
PRS SE Custom 24

Mark Farner Taurus

Mark Farner
Heartbreaker Live
Wildwood Springs 9/29/2012
Taurus section of Librarian

Mark Farner Taurus

Mark Farner
Shinin' On Live
Wildwood Springs 9/29/2012
Taurus into Scorpio of Librarian

Mark Farner Taurus

Mark Farner
Inside Looking Out
Wildwood Springs 9/29/2012
Virgo into Taurus of Librarian

I'm Done by Shawn

Shawn Maginness
I'm Done
Original Composition
Taurus Blues Overdrive"


Gio da Silva

Giordano da Silva
The Blackout Vipers
Houston, TX

Taurus Blues Overdrive Review by Pedal of the Day

Pedal of the Day
Written Review
July 2016


• True bypass switching via high grade 3PDT footswitch
• High grade Panasonic ECQ series capacitors
• CTS high grade potentiometers
• Neutrik input and output jacks
• C&K clipping diode selector switch
• Wide 2oz. copper PC board circuit etch-lines in the signal path
• PC Board ground plane for superior stray noise reduction
• Battery or +9vdc to +18vdc power jack (Boss type - center negative)
• Controls are Volume, Tone, Edge and Gain
• 3 Position switch for different diode clipping options
• Clipping options include:
• Left: Symmetrical silicon rectifier diodes
• Right: Asymmetrical MOSFET
• Middle: No Clipping diodes
• Ultra-bright green indicator LED
• Extremely tone transparent, organic and touch sensitive
• Input impedance: 500K Ohms
• Output impedance: 10K Ohms
• Current draw: Approximately 20 mA at full ON
• Max gain: Approximately 16.4 dB of gain
• Dimm: 4.85"d x 3.88"w x 1.98"h (including switches and knobs)
• Weight: 12.1 oz. (Not including battery)


"I use a volume pedal in front of my Celestial Effects Overdrives and Distortions ... What a winning combo....! nice n clean at low volumes... a little more accelerator and you gotcher crunch... and variable stages of "forcefield distortion from there to the kitchen!" They are low noise compared to anything else I've ever tried and are the fucking WHIP! You're a bad-ass brother Dom and I just wanted U to know! American ingenuity! Yea they'll be ROCKN' UR ASS!!!"
"Mark Farner - American Rock Legend"

"The Taurus really lends it's self to that single coil neck pickup sound even when I'm in center position on my Parker Fly.
  I love this sonofabitch!"
"Mark Farner - American Rock Legend"

"I received the Celestial in the mail Saturday. OMG. This pedal is really awesome !! I have been playing for over 35 years and I have a lot of pedals in my collection and some go right to the shelf rather quickly. This one went right on my pedal board !! Great job on the OD !! Much more headroom than the Ibanez and Maxon's. !! Nice job !! I would recommend this to anyone looking for that SRV tone and more."
"Rob Patterson - Solo Artist"

"After years of searching for the perfect tone, I have finally found it with the Scorpio Boost and Taurus Blues Overdrive."
"Ken Macy - Solo Artist"

"The Taurus Blues Overdrive does everything that a TS does, plus everything the TS can't do."
"Scott Boo-Moe Bell LeBlanc - A Ton Of Blues"

"I originally had a professionally modified TS9 tubescreamer. It was ok but nothing great. I then heard about the Celestial Effects Taurus and picked one of those up. I sold my TS9 within a few days of getting the Taurus. The Taurus does everything the TS9 did and a whole lot more. Sometimes I will leave the Taurus on all the time and use the Scorpio in front of it when I take a solo. "
"Jeff Beck - Solo Artist"

"Mess with the bull you get the horns.... and a thumb!"
"Tony Casella - TESTER"

"The Taurus produces that bell-like overdriven lead tone that I use on songs such as 'Hotel California."
"Lou Grein - V Rox"

"I used Taurus in a concert Sunday. Very sweet indeed. Into the clean channel, it's a great complement to the Marshall's distortion and it sings nicely."
"Randy Roos - Berklee Professor"

"The Taurus Blues Overdrive and my '66 Ampeg Reverb Rocket are MADE for one another."
"Gil Corriea - The Gil Corriea Band"


Proudly Manufactured in the USA

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