The Zodiac Series (Discontinued)

This little monster is all about gain, body and tone! The Capricorn can be tamed to produce a nice fat bark or cranked to provide searing fuzzy overdrive tones with massive amounts of gain!

Two settable gain stages define the amount of power you crave and a bit of clean keeps the Capricorn grounded and very definitive all without a tone control.

Try it with a wah. We dare you.

You'll be glad you did!

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Not just any distortion! The Aries can be used as a boost, overdrive or distortion and with its three band EQ tone stack, this pedal gives you complete control of your dirt pedal needs.

The Aries Beast Distortion's circuit is configured by stacking two gain stages in cascade (or in series) mode. Mixing the two gain stages results many sonic combinations of true dirt pedal bliss.

The Aries Beast Distortion is a tool no pedalboard should be without!

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The Sagittarius Overdrive Boost includes two great discrete effects in one space saving pedal. A very transparent overdrive with presence coupled with our Scorpio Super Boost! The two effects are wired in series with the ability to choose effect order. OD into Boost or Boost into OD.

An original design, merging qualities of two great overdrive pedals. The Sagittarius marries the crisp, non-compressed, transparent qualities of the Timmy OD with the in your face presence of the Klon in one package.

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Gemini features three effects in one box, saving valuable pedalboard space.

A true analog pitch shifting vibrato effect, an analog tremolo effect and an analog reverb effect with a digital tank simulator.

Each effect circuit is independent which means you can use one, two or all three effects at the same time!

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From slight, middy OD break up to full out tube thunder, the Taurus Blues Overdrive delivers it in spades. Taurus is very organic and has a string definition like no other overdrive pedal you have ever tried.

Versatile and soulful, the Taurus morphs with different amp and guitar combinations. Try it with an 18 VDC power supply for more headroom.

What are you waiting for, grab it by the horns & jump on, this pedal will kick start your tone.

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Cancer features four effects in one box, saving valuable pedalboard space.

A fixed wah section leads off the chain of effects followed by an Octave Fuzz with the ability to shut off the octave feature. Next is another heavy fuzz section and end it all with a real tube overdrive section!

Cancer was designed to emulate dirt tones conjured by three of Dom's favorite guitarists,
Jack White, Jimi Henrdrix and David Gilmour.

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One knob, ONE light but this hot little number is NOT a one trick pony and packs a bite!

The Scorpio Super Boost is a tiny red box of magic that can go from mild to wild and everything in between.

From the moment you turn it on, it will add a new aural dimension to your tone you thought was not possible, but it does not end there.

Crank the knob, turn up the volume and hold on for the ride, this one goes to 11.

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Unlike any fuzz on the market, the Aquarius
Fuzz instantly stands out amongst the rest.

Affectionately called "the fuzz for guitarists that hate fuzzes" by many of its users, the Aquarius packs tone by the boatload.

All four controls work in harmony providing rich sustaining tones with beautiful ringing harmonics to all out psychedelic goodness.

Break out those love beads, burn some incense and get your mojo risin!

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Looking for that thick, saturated guitar tone reminiscent of '60s and '70s guitarists, thought only possible through a cranked stack? Well search no more. This little lady was born to scream!

One of the best overdrives you will ever play.

Multiple clipping options add versatility to this little tone machine. Virgo is extremely tone transparent and highly touch sensitive. Try it with an 18 VDC power supply for more headroom. Take her for a ride today!

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