The Little Red Box of Magic!

Don't let the simplicity of this little red devil fool you... it delivers so much more! As the sign it is named after, the Scorpio Super Boost! is complex and harbors many secrets fro your guitar or bass.

As with many great inventions of the past, the Scorpio was created by accident. While designing a gain stage discreetly for another pedal, Dom inadvertently installed a wrong component, not generally used in effects designs, into the bread board circuit but was pleasantly surprised when he heard the results. He knew instantly that this simple circuit delivered something really special.

It was decided not to use this circuit design in the other pedal, but rather to develop a single pedal around it. Originally dubbed "The Secret Weapon", Dom was reserving the Scorpio name for his favorite pedal and this circuit was chosen to represent that sign. Can you guess what Dom's sign is?

From the moment you turn it on, it will add a new aural dimension to your tone you thought was not possible, an "exciter" per say, but it does not end there. Crank the knob, turn up the volume and hold on for the ride, this one goes to 11.

The Scorpio Super Boost! does not easily fit into one category. It emits elements of a boost, fuzz and an overdrive/distortion in a small, simple package. With the gain control set all the way off or counterclockwise, the output signal will be virtually one to one to the guitar signal but with a slight treble/mid boost.

With the gain at 100%, the Scorpio provides a very large, treble/mid predominant tone with a hint of fuzz that teeters on the edge of distortion.

Many users have commented that the Scorpio Super Boost delivers a very Jimmy Page style tone that is very crisp, with nicely layered harmonics.

Since its introduction, countless guitarists and bassists have permanently added the Scorpio to their pedalboards and refuse to give them up. Many have ordered an additional one or two Scorpios as well. This way, one is always ON to achieve the "excited" fidelity Scorpio delivers, one used at the start of the signal chain to "push" other pedals into submission and a third, at the end of the signal chain, is used to boost during leads and solos.

The Scorpio can also be used as a preamp into other pedals with very harmonically stunning results.

Built like a tank using the best components available, including an all metal powder coated enclosure, encapsulated main board, CTS pots and Switchcraft jacks. Totally hand built, this pedal will keep you rocking for many years to come.

Celestial Effects recommends the use of a HIGH QUALITY 9 VDC regulated power adapter with the Scorpio Super Boost! pedal like the Carl Martin Powerjack 9VDC power supply or similar. This power supply is capable of providing 1000 mA of power and is noise free. The more the capacity of the power supply, the less chance of noise and hum due to a power supply being pushed to its current capability limits.

All Celestial Effects pedals are hand built and individually hand tested in Hudson, MA by a company that cares about quality, durability and value. We back all our products with our 30 DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
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Scorpio User Manual View and download the Scorpio User Manual

More Pictures of Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio Aquarius and Scorpio Quite a setup! The current Celestial Effects Line of pedals John Kelley's Rig John Kelley

Pedalboard Pictures with Scorpio

Sean Chambers's Pedalboard Taylor Barefoot's Pedalboard Giordano Da Silva's Pedalboard Gino Caira's Pedalboard Tony Casella's Pedalboard Donnie Vito's Pedalboard Ken Macy's Pedalboard Jeff Beck's Pedalboard Kyle Palmer's Pedalboard Gio da Silva Big Pedalboard Shawn Maginness Pedalboard The Blackout Vipers Pedalboard Nikki Sinn Pedalboard John Kelley Pedalboard Jimi Dreamwalker's Pedalboard

Video Demos

Scorpio Super Boost! by Celestial Effects

Scorpio Super Boost! Demo
Produced by:
Red13 Media

Loving Cup (cover) by Shawn

Shawn Maginness
Loving Cup (Cover)
Scorpio Super Boost!
On all electric guitars"

Scorpio Super Boost!

Scorpio Super Boost! Demo
Nikki Sinn

Scorpio Martin Moyano

Martin Moyano
Gear used in demo:
Line 6 Spider Valve MKII
Squier Classic Vibe 50's
Sure Sm57

Scorpio Gearmanndude

Gear used in demo:
Dr. Z Maz 18
Gibson SG
with Humbuckers

Mark Farner Taurus

Mark Farner
Shinin' On Live
Wildwood Springs 9/29/2012
Taurus into Scorpio of Librarian

I Won't Stop Loving You by Best Not Broken

Best Not Broken
I Won't Stop Loving You
Original Composition
Scorpio Super Boost!"

Rest (Blue Angel) by Shawn

Shawn Maginness
Rest (Blue Angel)
Original Composition
Scorpio Super Boost!"

Always Watching by Shawn

Shawn Maginness
Always Watching
Original Composition
Scorpio Super Boost!
Virgo Rock Overdrive"

Into the Void by Shawn

Shawn Maginness
Into the Void
Original Composition
Scorpio Super Boost!"

Slither and Strut by Shawn

Shawn Maginness
Slither and Strut
Original Composition
Scorpio Super Boost!"

Scorpio Tony Tester

Star Spangled Banner
Using the Scorpio Super Boost!
by Tony Casella of TESTER
Gear used on track:
Laney GH100
Jackson Surfcaster with EMGs

Scorpio Super Boost! on EVERYTHING!!


Gio da Silva

Giordano da Silva
The Blackout Vipers
Houston, TX


• True bypass switching via high grade 3PDT footswitch
• High grade Panasonic ECQ series capacitors
• CTS high grade potentiometers
• Switchcraft input and output jacks
• Wide 2oz. copper PC board circuit etch-lines in the signal path
• PC Board ground plane for superior stray noise reduction
• Battery or +9vdc (only) power jack (Boss type - center negative)
• Controls are Gain - That's It!
• Ultra-bright red indicator LED
• Extremely tone transparent, organic and touch sensitive
• Input impedance: 400K Ohms
• Output impedance: 13K Ohms
• Current draw: Approximately 8 mA at full ON
• Max gain: Approximately 9.5 dB of gain
• Dimm: 4.37"d x 2.39"w x 1.98"h (including switches and knobs)
• Weight: 7.8 oz. (Not including battery)


"The Scorpio Super Boost! is a boost and exciter all in one for my bass tone. I'm a big fan of the Scorpio Super Boost!"
"Rudy Sarzo - Blue Oyster Cult, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio, Quiet Riot, Yngwie Malmsteen"

"The Scorpio is a great tool and is at the end of my chain just before the stereo chorus .... All the Celestial Effects pedals have their own distinct
  personalities and tonalities, sweet shit!"
"Mark Farner - American Rock Legend"

"The one pedal that will never leave my board!! It's my safety blanket, tone-anchor, and all around generator of sonic badassery!"
"Giordano Da Silva - The Liquid Kitchen"

"When I first saw this pedal on the Celestial Effects website I thought to myself "sounds boring".. Only one knob, clean boost, how exciting can that be? I will just turn up my volume if I want clean boost.... How wrong I was! It is perhaps my favorite pedal. More often than not, if I'm going to grab only one pedal, this is the one I bring with me in my guitar case. I have had many others ask to borrow it too."
"Jeff Beck - Solo Artist"

"My bass rig sports two Scorpios! I have one on all the time and use the second when I need a little something more to cut through the mix."
"Pennal Johnson - Bassist for Lubriphonic"

"After switching from an MXR Boost to the Scorpio Super Boost!, I never went back. This pedals is INSANE!"
"Donnie Vito - Plank"

"The Scorpio Super Boost! is my main pedal on my pedalboard."
"Josh Fulero - The Neurotics"

"Threw my other boost pedal in the trash. All I need is Scorpio!!!!"
"Dan Bongiorno - Plank"

"All I need is my Scorpio and my pick! ha ha."
"Tony Casella - TESTER"

"After years of searching for the perfect tone, I have finally found it with the Scorpio Boost and Taurus Blues Overdrive."
"Ken Macy - Solo Artist"

"Got my Scorpio yesterday and finally got a chance to get down with it this AM. Amazing! Removed the DS 1 from my board in 2 mins, ready to throw it away. I use it to drive my solos to make it sing......sustain like a Fernandes sustainer but more natural. It pops the mids up and adds so much tone and character to my lead settings. Thanks for the awesome pedal!"

"Just got myself a Scorpio for Christmas, and i'll be honest. I am completely in love with it! i can't believe i've been spending all this time without one of them on my board! It'll really help out with in my band Blackwell. Dude I cant even begin to describe my love for it! haahaha"
"Nate Adelman - Blackwell"


Proudly Manufactured in the USA

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